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Guest Post: Staying Focused with Joy Avery

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Sometimes our worst enemy is ourselves.

Let me repeat that.

Sometimes our worst enemy is ourselves.

We often distract ourselves from our goals and dreams

 with nonsense. Phrases like: I can’t do it, it’s too hard,

no one will appreciate the work I’ve put in, it’s not

good enough, I’m not good enough.

All of that negativity is the real nonsense. You have to

be willing to silence the voices that are keeping you unmoving.

Even if it’s your own.

This is where courage and strength comes into play.

Have the courage to put your own self in check.

Have the strength to push every harmful thought aside.

There are enough naysayers telling you what you can’t do.

YOU should not be among them.

Talk life into yourself.

Talk life into your dreams.

And know:

You can do this!

It’s only hard until it’s done.

Everyone won’t appreciate your efforts,

but there are many who will.

It is good enough.

You aren’t good enough. YOU. ARE. GREAT!

Have the strength to stand up to yourself.

Have the courage to succeed.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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